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Tips to prepare your home for every season

Cozy kitchen with pumpkins for Thanksgiving day or Halloween cooking

Though San Diego enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate, it still pays to prepare your home for any season. Here, we’ll explore 5 tips that make your home a comfort and joy throughout the whole year as well as potentially adding more value to your home.


San Diego is warm throughout most of the year and even winters tend to be mostly mild. However, this is not to say that pipes will never freeze over and burst. It can happen if there is a sudden drop in temperature. To prepare for this possibility, consider insulating your pipes, especially before the winter season comes. Of course, this will be incur some cost but better to be safe than sorry should a cold snap happen.

Your lawn will be affected by colder weather in the winter, but before spring, start planting flowers, shrubs, and trees that will blossom as temperatures warm. Aerating the soil and raking a healthy layer of mulch under your plants will keep their roots safe in the winter.

You’ll also be using your HVAC more to heat your home, or you may even use heaters as temperatures drop. For efficient energy use and safety, clean your vents, check your extinguishers are in order, and ensure that your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working.


Now is the time for some thorough spring cleaning. Remove any clogs in your drainage systems that may have accumulated during the fall and winter.

On your curb or lawn start pruning your trees not only to keep a fresh look but to prevent any possibility of damage with overreaching or low-hanging branches. You can also plant during the fall which will give plants plenty of time to take hold and bloom after winter.

Now is also a good time to give the exterior of the house any treatment such as a new cover of paint.

With the weather beginning to warm, it may be the case you’ll soon be using the pool much more frequently. Change the filters and clean the water as well of course as raking away any leaves.


During this season your garden could be a riot of colors and scents with flowers in full blossom. However, the sun can become fierce at the height of summer in San Diego. Ensure your flowers and lawn get enough moisture. Consider using drip irrigation instead of a spray system. This is not only much more water efficient, but it also is better for your flora as it delivers water precisely where it needs to be.

Summer is also the time when you’re likely to use your HVAC system more heavily. Check that filters are clean and continually do so during the summer months. The average is normally once a month but if you’re running an aircon for almost 24 hours a day, you’ll need to clean the filter more often.

Sealing cracks and holes not only prevents cold air from seeping out, it also prevents any unwanted pests from getting in.


The fall is generally very mild in San Diego and apart from simple maintenance tasks, there shouldn’t be too much to concern you. You might take the time to look for and implement some of the best home upgrades you can find, such as installing a home theater, great for watching movies on colder winter nights when you don’t feel like going out. Otherwise, you can sit back and relax and enjoy the mild San Diego fall.

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