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The best ways to boost home value in Carlsbad, CA

Japandi Style Domestic Kitchen

Ceiling-height kitchen cabinets improve home value, according to property experts

You need not break the bank to boost home value. All it takes is imagination, a do-it-yourself spirit, and a commitment to getting things done.

Check out these tips on boosting home value in Carlsbad, CA.

  • Get a new paint job

    Experts believe a new coat of paint raises ROI by 100% and boosts home value by 5%. The right paint color freshens up your home’s look and makes it look inviting to all.

    The best paint colors for home exteriors are neutral – white, gray, greige, tan. They defy the dictates of time and style and boost curb appeal. They also make smaller spaces look bigger.

    Darker neutrals such as charcoal or black on doors are eye-catching. So, too, does painting shutters, window flower boxes, and other exterior parts of the house in vibrant yellow, red, or green.

  • Update your kitchen

    Even a minor kitchen update recoups 86% of the money you spent to improve it because kitchens are deal-breakers as far as buyers are concerned.

    Property experts recommend the following upgrades::

    • Statement hardware
    • Ceiling-height cabinets
    • A place to hide the microwave but make it accessible at the same time
    • Soft-close cabinets
    • A ceiling-height backsplash
    • Multi-functional sinks
  • Improve the bathroom

    Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is the second most scrutinized area of the house by homebuyers. One of the most cost-effective ways to improve the bathroom is to focus on high-impact areas and features like:

    • The vanity
    • Shower or tub enclosure
    • Hardware and light fixtures
    • Embrace energy efficiency

    Energy-efficient appliances, lights, windows, and solar panels boost home value while saving on power bills. So, too, do smart thermostats, fire detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, security cameras, video doorbells, television, and door locks.

  • Repurpose extra rooms

    If you’re downsizing, stage unused rooms as a home office, a yoga room, a music room, a playroom, and so on. Convert the garage or shed into a guest area, family or entertainment room, or rental space. The idea is to show potential buyers the functional possibilities of the home.

  • Change damaged gutters

    Gutters need cleaning especially in autumn, when leaves fall, and in spring, when insects and debris create clutter. Replace gutters that leak or are broken beyond repair even after you’ve cleaned them twice a year during fall and spring. Damaged gutters may lead to roof damage and result in mold.

  • Improve curb appeal

    Gather broken branches. Trim overgrown hedges and plants. Clean flower beds. Spread out fresh mulch. Give the front door a fresh coat of paint.

  • Research on renovation ideas

    You don’t need a designer to boost your home value. Generate a wealth of ideas by searching online, watching home improvement shows, and creating a mood board. Choose something that fits your budget. Keep it simple to save on costs.

  • Declutter

    Get rid of mess. Toss out frayed carpets along with stuff you no longer need. Inspect cabinets and shelves and decide what items need to be discarded, and which ones can be kept. Clean drawers, cupboards, and other storage spaces.

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