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Luxury kitchen must-haves


Not all kitchens are created equal. The better ones have state-of-the-art appliances, finishes, and conveniences. Plus, the following must-haves:


    An island bench with back light exudes drama. Lights above cabinets add a sense of space. A crystal chandelier with tiny pendants spells elegance. Task lighting and under-cabinet rope lighting add drama. LED lighting and dimmer switches combine functionality and ambience.


    Drawer dishwashers save space with adjustable racks that accommodate dishes of all sizes. Even better, dishes can be stacked and used at the same time. Suggested locations are the food prep station and the sink area.


    Stacking refrigerated drawers in a cabinet is a solution in itself. You can spread out the drawers in different kitchen stations for maximum use. A lower drawer allows kids easy access to drinks and snacks. Another may store produce. Or butters and cheeses. Or whatever else needs dedicated storage.


    These can be godsend when meals are on hold. Adjusting the thermostat keeps food warm. Detachable racks and pans, changing configurations, slow cooking, and bread proofing are also outstanding features.


    This tells every member of the household to help themselves. It transforms your kitchen into a coffee and/or tea station, complete with espresso machine, mug storage, tea cups and others. Drawers can store coffee beans, sugar, utensils, tea bags, and others. You may also stash soda, milk, and fruit drinks. Add blenders or juicers, a wine ref, an ice maker, and others as needed.


    Hate stooping and hunting for pots and pans in dark cabinets? Rollout shelves and racks are what you need. They hold pots and pans of various sizes. They provide storage for bowls, irregularly shaped containers, and small kitchen appliances. Narrower cabinet fillers with railings transform dead space into functional pull-out spice racks. Get them in wood or metal.


    This wall faucet installed over a range saves you the bother of transferring pots filled with water from sink to stove. In that vein, consider renovating your walk-in pantry if it needs a refresh. Or rethink built-ins so they can function better as storage and/or a display for your best tableware and prized accouterments.


    It’s fun to entertain but the prep work and aftermath, not so much. Think about sinks piled with pots and pans, a wine glass or wobbly dessert that’s been knocked over and lying in splinters or in a gooey mess on the floor. Keep the kitchen chaos behind the scenes. Take a page off Victorian England by resurrecting the butler’s pantry (or scullery, as it’s called beyond the pond). If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen, you can create an intermediary space between kitchen and dining room to hide the messes of prep work, stage dishes before they emerge, reduce the foot traffic in the kitchen, and serve as additional storage space. You can also reconfigure your current walk-in pantry so it has a functional counter space and/or an extra sink to enable you to entertain in peace and in style.

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