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Key features luxury homebuyers are looking for


As a luxury homebuyer, you want only the best. Here’s what to add on your wishlist:


    This has become a must in every luxury home – as ubiquitous and invisible as HVAC systems and double-paned windows. Smart lights, a smart thermostat system, smart refs, and others are now par for the course. After all, a smart home system delivers peace of mind – and that’s priceless especially if you’re away. New home devices that integrate AI may soon be able to predict your routines and preferences and adjust accordingly for better functionality and a customized experience.


    Here’s another must-have that may never go out of style. After all, spa bathrooms evoke pampering and that’s always a welcome feeling. You can choose to be cocooned or enter an airy space with a walk-in shower with shower jets, deep-soaking tubs, and all manner of luxe amenities. You can also integrate a steam room, a wet room, or a smart toilet and smart shower system.


    Open floor plans have become a modern classic. It’s hard to beat the airiness and the freedom to reconfigure the space as you wish with minimal disruption. Open floor plans serve to bring the family together and encourage interactions. Easy access to the kitchen means involving guests in meal preps. And it’s wonderful to have your nearest and dearest enjoy their wines and age-appropriate refreshments on a spacious island or peninsula while they chat with you.


    Forbes says million-dollar homes must be equipped with a commercial-grade kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances. These include warming drawers, wine coolers, a walk-in pantry, lots of storage, and well-lit worktop space.


    If there’s one thing we learned from the pandemic, it’s that outdoor living has become essential for our mental health. That means having outdoor kitchens that are as feature-filled as their indoor counterpart. The best ones boast a built-in gas grill, a ref, a dining and entertainment area, a bar, and a stainless steel counter for preparing food. Throw in big pools, hot tubs, changing cabanas, and fire pits and all is well in your world.


    Luxury homebuyers want the privacy that comes with a good location. Their retreat must be their sanctuary, without strangers looking in when cars drive by or when they stroll past the property. Give these homeowners tree-lined properties that shield them from prying eyes. Find them homes that are set back deep into the property. Show them their options in gated communities.


    A walk-in closet allows luxury homeowners a place big enough to store their clothes and accessories but with storage solutions or a closet system will ensure that there’s a place for everything and that everything is in place.


    Work-from-home setups have given rise to home offices. To enhance style and comfort, consider adding digital whiteboards, a ref for meal breaks, the comfiest couch to do some thinking in, access to the outdoors to quickly de-stress, plenty of natural light to keep the mood up, the latest in ergonomic design for desks and chairs, soundproofing, and more.

  • GYM

    Keep your workout fresh. Check out rowing machines that combine cardio and strength training. Consult your trainer for equipment upgrades and recommendations for your home gym.

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