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7 Ways to make your backyard more inviting

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With the right furniture, layout, and design, your home’s outdoor space can be the perfect area to lounge on a slow afternoon or hang out with friends and family. A dressed-up deck, patio, or backyard can also be your private oasis that’ll be your escape from the hubbub of San Diego.

To help you make the most of the state’s warm weather and gorgeous landscape, here are a few home backyard ideas that’ll turn an empty yard into the most inviting al fresco living and entertaining space.


A medley of seating options keeps outdoor spaces versatile and functional. It can also encourage you and your guests to gather around, relax, and exchange stories underneath San Diego’s clear skies.

Options include daybeds and hammocks for unwinding or curling up with a good book. Large sofas and sectionals are ideal for creating intimate seating areas. Placing benches underneath a dining table creates a cozy picnic spot.


Awnings, umbrellas, and canopies shield decks and patios from the SoCal heat. Trees and vines growing in pergolas and arbors are other shade options that give outdoor spaces a refreshing look.

By keeping the area nice and cool, shades can keep you outside for longer. They can also offer furniture protection against harsh elements, including the sun’s UV rays.


Many San Diego homes for sale, specifically those in coastal enclaves, boast panoramic views of the city’s stunning landscape. If you happen to own a property that comes with such vistas, position your seating area facing the scenery. Staring at the horizon can reduce stress levels and help the mind and body relax.


Potted plants, crawling vines, and even lush herbs and veggies can give your patio an enchanting oasis look. Easy-to-care-for greenery is widely available in San Diego, which does not require complex maintenance to produce a stunning landscape in your backyard.


Cozy up the space with a fireplace or fire pit and surround it with the comfiest seats. Grills and pizza ovens are excellent alternatives that not only add warmth to the area but also cook the food you’ll serve to guests. Adding a fire element can also create an inviting and comforting ambiance while repelling bugs and pests.


Fountains, birdbaths, reflecting pools, and ponds elevate outdoor spaces by stimulating the senses. Its visual and auditory appeal has proven calming effects, giving the yard a tranquil atmosphere. Water elements also attract local wildlife like birds, butterflies, and dragonflies–turning the area into a suburban sanctuary.


Extending your indoor living area outdoors can give you more space to sit back, entertain, work, and do your hobbies. It can also increase the home’s value since there’s more usable space in the property.

To improve the flow of your indoor and outdoor living spaces, echo a few design elements in both areas. Tear down a few walls and replace them with glazed bi-fold or sliding doors that will lead you from the kitchen or living area to the yard.

Outdoor spaces are excellent selling points of San Diego homes for sale. Staging is a must to make these areas more appealing.

If you’re looking for a home stager, let me, local Realtor Michael Jacobo, introduce you to a talented and reliable expert. Call me at 760.632.8900 or send me an email here to get started.

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