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6 Key features of an eco-friendly home in Encinitas, CA

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Eco-friendly homes continue to be hot properties in the market, a trend that is likely to accelerate with the growing awareness of sustainability and eco-friendliness. An ever greater number of people want houses that cut down both their carbon emissions and utility bills. This is demonstrated by a recent study by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), which noted that over 80% of today’s home buyers look for energy-efficient features for their homes.

Whether you’re a home buyer looking to purchase an environmentally friendly home in Encinitas, CA, or a seller who wants to stand out against the competition, knowing these key features of sustainable homes will help you make informed decisions throughout your real estate journey.

Solar Panels

Solar panel technology has come on by leaps and bounds over the last decade and they have become much more efficient. In short, it is now a mature technology. In Encinitas, CA solar panels make a lot of sense given the number of sunny days the state experiences. Do note, however, that solar panels should not be completely relied upon to provide all your power needs and you’ll still need to be hooked up to the grid.

Energy-efficient appliances

Among the most in-demand eco-friendly home features are appliances with good Energy Star ratings. These can usually be found in the kitchen, laundry area, and living room.

Some examples of energy-efficient appliances include:

  • Refrigerators whose energy consumption is 10% lower than federal standards
  • Televisions that need half as much energy to function
  • HVAC units which are greatly more efficient than older models

Built-in water-saving features

Sustainable homes have ways to use less water or store it for later use. These installations include:

  • Low-flow water fixtures These showerheads, faucets, or toilets use aerators or multiple smaller openings to project a strong but smaller stream of water.
  • Rainwater storage Green homes have a way to catch and store rainwater for later use. An example of this is a gutter fixture that directs rain from the roof down to a barrel located outside the house.

Green roofs

Called “living rooftops” by Architectural Digest, these plant-covered roofs keep the air clean and help maintain comfortable home temperatures. This sustainable feature also lets you have a space to grow your own herbs and vegetables. Additionally, green roofs prevent pollution by filtering rainwater before it flows down to our storm drains.

Sustainable materials

Materials like bamboo, reclaimed wood, or recycled concrete create a smaller impact on our finite natural resources, use energy efficiently, and generate less waste than building a home with brand-new or synthetic products.

Improved insulation

Double-pane windows, thermal walls, or green walls maintain comfortable temperatures while preventing leaks and outside temperatures from seeping in. The overall effect is the more efficient use of energy.

Talk to a real estate expert

Whether you’re buying or building an eco-friendly home in Encinitas, CA, talking with an expert helps you identify which value upgrades to add or look for in a property.

Call our team at 760.632.8900 or contact us here, and let’s plan it together.

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